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BB 11AURAAdvancedBassPearwood



This model has been specially designed for the beginning recorder player.

The wooden “studie” recorders are made from pearwood and bubinga.

This model has a curved windwayroof to prolong its productive life. With the placing of the plug they took into account that the plug will rise (because of moisture absorbency), and therefore the sound will improve during the first weeks of playing.

All wooden recorders have a plug of cedarwood.

The simple, non-lacquered recorders are packed in a nice wallet. The more expensive recorders are packed in a nice strong bag.


Although these instruments are made with excellent machines (with a tolerance of 1/100 mm), voicing and tuning remains handwork.

This range comprises sopranino to bass, in pear-, box-, rosewood and grenadilla.

For people with small hands there are altos and tenors available with a double key on F and C respectively. Besides, there are tenors with bended heads for a more ergonomic posture of the right hand. It is possible as well to have a single key made on the C-hole (alto) or G-hole (tenor).

The Aura-Conservatorium recorder has a curved windway and a conical plug of cedarwood. This contributes to its sound.

The thumbhole bushing prevents the hole from wearing out and thus preventing the recorder from becoming out of tune.

These recorders are packed in a nice bag.

Professional recordermakers are working with extreme care on these recorders. These recorders are covered with a two year guarantee, provided a careful use.

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